Monday, March 28, 2016

Two fun links

Here are two recent links that I found interesting.

Noam talks about his 8th grade teacher, and how she affected his way of looking at life and learning. Interview with Bob Greenberg, March, 2016.

(Mine was Mrs. Czarnowski, writing teacher jr year at Waltham High.  By the time I thought to send her a note, she had passed away.  Is there a teacher somewhere you should write to?)  I dedicate this one to Mrs. Czarnowski, and also to Charles W. Gimby (aka Dad29), who has received lots of letters and calls from old students through the years.

Chomsky on his most-remembered teacher.

And in case you didn't know it already (Thank you, Foy Vance...):

(I just have to say - I still like RAGE and Bad Religion - coming up soon in my next blog post.)

Chomsky is a Soft Revolution...!

I'll be returning with a new post in April!


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