Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Real Shakeup

Last night I railed at my television set.  This morning I cried. Now I'm trying to gather myself and look at what's next.  Laura reminds me that there are checks and balances, and she will go to her office today and try to calm her clients, who have been worried and anxious for months over the campaign, the debates, and a possible Trump presidency, now a shocking and grim reality. My friend Deb reminds me that we can't control this and we can only look forward. My friend Cindy assures me that we do not live in a dictatorship. My son calms my fears of losing a good part of my 401K in a market crash. My thoughts fly all over the place, as I wonder how the voices of Independents will ever be heard without millions of dollars to back them. How can they rise up within this system?

I know a shakeup was needed in our government. Maybe the democrats shot themselves in the foot by nominating Hillary,  I don't know.  Bernie Sanders would have been a much better choice. I could have trusted Bernie.

There are a lot of fears about a Trump presidency.  Noam has expressed his, many of which I share. Will Trump eliminate environmental regulations - what about fossil fuels? Will he eliminate Obama's health care plan and leave many millions without insurance?  What about the supreme court appointments - will his choices set the country back countless years? What will happen to immigrants, legal and illegal? What about Trump's relationship with Russia, and foreign policy in general? Can we trust this man with nuclear arms?  The questions are endless.

My older brother, Ron, one of the very few Trump supporters I am close with, called me this morning, knowing how horrified I have been by the prospect of a Trump presidency. He suggests that Trump was posturing during the campaign. Tears ran down my face as he proclaimed, "I told you he would get in!  People are sick and tired of the status quo!"  

I found some voice through my tears and said,"Yes, but this is not the man to change it. Ron, you love nature - do you know that Republicans for the most part don't believe there is a climate issue?"

This past summer, for the first time in 62 years, my brother stopped talking to me for more than a month when I told him he needed to stop watching Fox News. This morning he said something I do agree with.  "Family is most important, Bev.  You have to work together with the people in your life. We will help each other get through this. You watch, it won't be as bad as you think."

"Is that really the best we can hope for?" I ask. "That it won't be as bad as we think? This is a man who cheated in business, and stiffed employees." 

He says, "You're worrying too much about Trump. Look at his kids.  They're good, solid people.  You will see Trump's softer side, and he will do his best. We needed this change, and we will hold him responsible to bring about the right changes."

"Or what?" I ask him. "How will we stop Trump if he is the monster many of us fear he is, judging by the bigotry, bullying, and disrespect he shows women, employees, and human beings in general? What about his multiple bankruptcies, his failure to pay taxes?"

As much as I want to find comfort in my big brother's words, I don't have a lot of faith.

I hope I'm wrong, for the sake of the kids in my life, like Annika and Declan, Lily, Wes, Violet, and soon-to-be-born Owen.  And for the rest of us.

The most awesome Van Jones sums it up for me, below. Click the link and scroll down a bit to see the video.

New addition - Prof Chomsky predicted this 6 years ago.  Good article:


  1. my words, word for word. only i don't have a brother. big or otherwise. i have kev and he said to me the same words. it will be ok. I guess i have no choice but to give T a chance. Thy Will Be Done. not mine. i am not in charge.

  2. >it was posturing

    Well that's trustworthy

    >he'll soften up look at his kids

    Now that's a campaign strategy

    >we'll hold him to account

    Bull. These people are rolling around like a pig in shit, they want chaos, they want disorder, for them this is revenge and the worse the better.

  3. I think a lot of people are unwilling to recognize how deep their hatred and bigotry goes. On the other hand, I know that some people held their noses and voted for him, to make a statement. It's frustrating - we have to change the whole system. I have great respect for the activists I see or hear from in my office every day.

  4. The older I get the more I just want to try and be happy no matter what comes along. We are 62 years old, If we don't work at making the little circle of our lives a happy place, and in some small way the lives of our loved ones easier, when will we? That's all we can really do. I could not vote this time, I just could not bring myself to have any responsibility for either one of those train wrecks. I was leaning towards Hillary until I got a letter saying my Affordable Care Act Premiums were going up 200 bucks next year, that is with our government subsidies, and we each have a 6,300 dollar deductible! It started out ok but is not working now, at least not for us. Let's just let it all go for now and enjoy our Holidays, and our family while we can.��

    1. A lot of people are blaming the health care system, when often it is a particular insurance company. Most of us don't understand what's happening, and pointing fingers all over the place. Barb and other health care professionals love the ACA. I hope it ends up working well for you. (Is it $200 for the year? Not bad at all.)